An HTML, CSS, & JavaScript Presentation of Ben McNulty

Made from sketch.

Invest in Ben McNulty; solve your Front End Engineering challenges.

Web Development

Front End

HTML5 $20

Enjoy hand coded content modules structured using best practices for interoperability within a web application framework.

CSS3 $25

Responsive design and evergreen enhancements provide a consistent experience across platforms and devices.

JavaScript $30

Freshly hacked vanilla scripts offer lightweight custom solutions. Applications with a healthy appetite for interaction are seasoned to taste with jQuery, Angular, or React.

Back End

PHP $25

A classic page serving and MySQL database interaction solution. Recommended for maintenance of existing builds, not new projects.

Node.js $30

This fullstack JavaScript solution is not only the platform of choice for future ready, scalable web applications, but also the goto option for locally hosted front end development.


git $20

This version control system allows for worry free, nondestructive feature enhancement. It pairs well with the industry standard online open source community and collaboration tool, GitHub.

agile $20

This project management methodology allows for incremental enhancements to a continuously evolving application.

npm $30

Not since side stepping Windows 3.1 to launch hardware intensive games on MS-DOS has the command line produced the level of glee that Node Package Manager delivers daily.


Videography $20

Two years of high school news production prepared Ben in advance for the eventual arrival of cat tubes large enough for digital video.

2D & 3D Graphics $25

This is the golden age of open source multimedia tools. GIMP, Inkscape, and Blender are robust tools for image editing, scalable vector graphics, and most especially 3D compositing.


Technical $20

Effective communication is the keystone of civilization. Clear and concise documentation is an art.

Creative $25

Copy echoes the voice of a brand. Individual narratives form the collective story of an organization.


Gifted Student $99

Due to early identification as a high intelligence quotient individual, Ben was privileged with access to model technology and advanced curricula throughout grade school.

Highest Honors $20

Although appreciative of the humor, Ben will insist that graduating summa cum laude from community college proves a serious commitment to education as a matter of personal interest.

English & Information $25

Creative writing workshops layered with human computer interfacing courses tease the palette of an aspiring interaction designer.

SitePoint Forever $50

Perks of the lifetime membership purchased through startup superstore AppSumo include emerging web technology courses, screencasts, and ebooks.


Restaurant Manager $15

Six years of managing pizza and sandwich restaurants informs Ben's understanding of quality guest experiences.

Startup Culture $0

Bleeding the edge of technological innovation is both exciting and demanding work. Enjoy Ben's seasoned combination of organic nerd zest and artisanal professionalism.

Freelance Developer $25

An effective front end engineer builds bridges between elegant design and efficient development. Independent web development hones self-reliance while also teaching genuine appreciation for all contributions from each member of a team.

At Home

Ben Live $15

Despite what Ben's friends and family will tell you, producing and hosting a live broadcast on the internet is a totally normal hobby. The nation's oldest city is ready for the nation's oldest late night talk show format.

Gaming $15

Pushing casual gaming to old extremes, Ben currently enjoys playing such NES classics as Side Pocket, TMNT, Jackal, and Captain Skyhawk. Please notify him right away if you are in possession of a GI Joe cartridge.